Publicació de l’article “The wounded blogger: analysis of narratives by women with breast cancer” a la revista Sociology of Health & Illness

cover Aquest mes de febrer apareix publicat l’article  “The wounded blogger: analysis of narratives by women with breast cancer”, escrit pel Doctor Gerard Coll-Planas de la Universitat de Vic i la Doctora i membre del GECIEC Mariona Visa, de la Universitat de Lleida. L’article es publica a la revista britànica  Sociology of Health & Illness.
En aquest enllaç podeu llegir l’article complet en PDF  i tot seguit en podeu veure el resum:
The purpose of this article is to analyse the representation of the body in seven blogs by Spanish women with breast cancer. Using both texts and images, we analyse how they reproduce modern and postmodern logic to represent the wounded body. Based on Frank’s proposals, this article draws the conclusion that the women bloggers mainly reproduce the modern logic (characterised by the restitution narrative and a predictable, disassociated and monadic body), but there are elements which break with this logic (the quest narrative, the body presented as associated, dyadic and full of desire, and the acceptance of contingency). After applying Frank’s categories, we suggest that the contemporary way of experiencing illness may question the clarity of the modern/postmodern divide.

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