La investigadora Mariona Visa participa del congrés “Lone Parenthood in a life course perspective” a la Universitat de Lausanne

Els propers dies 6 i 7 de juny té lloc a la Universitat de Lausanne el workshop internacional “Lone Parenthood in a life course perspective”.

El col·loqui està organitzat pel grup de recerca LIVEs i la investigadora Mariona Visa hi participarà presentant el pòster “Blogging lone parenthood by choice: a case study of 10 spanish blogs”, en el que s’analitza a través d’un anàlisi sociològic i narratiu la autorepresentació que les famílies monoparentals fan de sí mateixes a la blogosfera.

El worksop es planteja de la següent manera.

“Lone parenthood is an increasing reality in the XXI century, reinforced by the diffusion of divorce and separation. Despite the significance of this phenomenon, current studies and official statistics say relatively little about the process leading to lone parenthood, the nature of such state (transitory, stable, recurrent) and its complementary aspect of non-residential parenthood. How rapidly do single parent re-partner if they do so? How long do people stay lone parents for? What roles do play the age and the number of parents and children? How are roles shared between residential and non-residential parents? How lone parenthood varies between countries, cultures, generations, and institutional settings? What is the role of legal regulations concerning shared custody, parental authority, and financial support to non-residential children?”

Aquí podeu veure el programa complet.

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